Wedding Information

Reception Rooms

We have a wide variety of reception rooms available in the hotel, whether you are looking for a small intimate affair or a large ballroom to accommodate your family and friends.

Current reception room rental prices

Summit $1000
Assiniboine $650
Castle $560
Ballroom (above three) $2000
Glacier Salon $1000
Lynx Salon $650
Black Bear Room $700

Catering Menus

We have a full list of menus, wine list, etc. available on our Catering Menus page which you download in PDF format.

Wedding Policy

Visit Wedding Policy page for information about the deposits and payments required including our cancellation policy.

Wedding Services

We have a list of local photographers, florsits, hairdressers & other wedding service providers with their websites provided for your convenience. Wedding Services

Food Pricing and Requirements

Meal Prices and Taxes

Prices as shown on the menu sheets are subject to change and actual menus and prices will be guaranteed 90 days prior to your function. As indicated on the menus, all food and beverage services are subject to a 18% gratuity charge plus 5% G.S.T.

Prices vary depending on the meal chosen. Our talented chef and his team are more than happy to create a special menu for you, please be aware additional charges may incur. Your Conference Services Manager will go over the details with you and provide you with options. You will be given Banquet Event Orders that will outline the final pricing and confirm the number of guests expected.

Final Guarantee

For any meal service, a final guaranteed number of guests is required a minimum of 72 hours prior to the function. The group organizer agrees to pay for this guaranteed number of meals, or the actual number of meals served, whichever is greater.

Plated Meal

Please note that only one entrée choice is included in the plated meal price. If you wish to have two entrée choices for your guests to choose from there is an additional $10.00 per plate surcharge to the price of both entrées.

If you wish to have 2 entrée choices you will be required to provide the guaranteed number for both entrées 72 hours prior to the wedding. You will also need to indicate how many of each entrées per table.

Dietary Restrictions

We will gladly accommodate any dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, celiac, lactose intolerant, etc. up to 10% of your guaranteed numbers at no additional charge. Over and above 10% of your guaranteed numbers will incur a charge per extra dietary request. These charges are $3 per breakfast and/or lunch, per extra dietary request. And /or $5 per dinner, per extra dietary request.
Simply provide the allergy or intolerance along with the name of the guest. These guests will need to identify themselves to our catering staff upon arrival to the functions.
Any special dietary meals requested but not consumed will be charged over and above the guaranteed number of meals, or the actual number of meals served, whichever is greater.

Children prices and options

Dinner Buffet - Children 6-12 years old are charged half the price and children 5 years and under eat from the buffet for free.

Plated Meal - we recommend that you choose one option from our children menu (12 years and under). Price is $14 including ice cream.

Food Regulations

Due to health food regulations the Banff Park Lodge can only allow food to be out for 2 hours and then all food (reception, desserts, late night snacks...), whether provided by us or through an outside supplier, will be removed.

Wedding Cake & Cutting Fee

See our Wedding Services page on the web for our local wedding cake providers. If you wish to provide your own wedding cake, please arrange the approximate time when you will be delivering the wedding cake in advance with your Conference Service Manager. We will be happy to store your wedding cake in one of our fridges or freezers.

Should your wish us to cut, plate and serve the wedding cake, a cake cutting fee of $2.00 + GST per person will be applied to the master account. This fee is charged by the number of guests and includes cutting the cake, the cutlery, dessert plates and service.

We will not charge a cake cutting fee for those who bring cupcakes and when no cutting / serving is required by us.

Indemnity Form

A signed indemnity form is required when bringing an outside wedding cake, cupcakes or any severe allergy.

This form simply holds the Banff Park Lodge harmless from any action, claim or cause of action that may result from the service of food items brought into the hotel from outside sources.

The Conference Service Manager will provide you with this form to sign.

Bar pricing and requirements

Bar Options

BANFF PARK LODGE BAR - using only hotel supplied alcohol and mixes.

  • Host Bar - All beverages will be charged on consumption to your Master Account
  • Toonie Bar - Guests are charged $ 2.00 per drink, with the price difference charged to the Master Account
  • Cash Bar - All beverages will be charged to each of your guests directly
  • Wine during dinner - Supplied by the hotel and charged to your Master Account.
  • A bartender charge of $35.00 per hour per bartender will be applied, for a minimum of three hours (including half hour set-up and half hour tear down), if consumption is less than $300.00.

FULL CORKAGE BAR - using your own supplied commercial (not home-made) alcohol.
The Banff Park Lodge is not responsible for handling any money (ticket sales or donations) for corkage bars. We can supply drink tickets if required. The ticket seller must be 18 years or older.
(Price is per person subject to 5% GST)
Does not include the bartender.

  • Full - includes glassware, ice, pop and juice mixes, lemon, limes, straws and napkins.
    $9 per person
    (ages 6 years and older)

  • Wine - includes glassware, opening and service.
    $6 per person
    (age 18 years and older)

  • Hospitality - includes glassware and ice only (hospitality suite)
    $4 per person
    (age 18 years and older)
  • The bartender will do last call at 12:30am and the bar closes at 1:00pm. If the wedding party supplied their own alcoholic beverages, they must be taken out of the function room before 2:00am. The Catering Manager may be able to store the beverages until you check out.

    Proof of Purchase, Liquor License and alcohol delivery

    If you wish to supply the alcohol for your function (See "Corkage Bar" options listed above) you will be required to provide us with proof of purchase in Alberta for the alcohol and a special event liquor license. A confirmation letter written by your Conference Service Manager is required for you to obtain the liquor license.

    Please inform your Conference Service Manager the date and approximately the time you will provide the proof of purchase of the alcohol, the liquor license, and the liquor to our catering staff. Please be advised that the Alberta Liquor Law does not allow Banff Park Lodge to serve anything but commercially made alcoholic beverage on our premises.


    Wedding Ceremony

    If you wish to have the marriage ceremony held at the Banff Park Lodge, simply ask your Conference Service Manager for availability and suggestions. We can provide a signing table if required and set chairs in a theater style with an aisle. Set-up cost is determined by the size of the event.

    Rain Venues for Wedding Ceremony

    Rain venues are used as a back-up in case of rain or other inclement weather (we will only charge the room rental if room set-up is needed). You must contact the Banff Park Lodge Catering Department at (403) 762-4433 (ask for extension 3254) 24 hours before the scheduled event to say whether you will require the room or not. If you fail to inform our catering department within the given time frame, we will charge you the room rental fee.

    If cancelled prior to the 24 hour deadline you will not be charged for the room.
    If the room is not cancelled by the 24 hour deadline you will be charged the room rental fee regardless of whether or not room is used.
    If you request it again after cancelling it, the set up of the rain venue is no longer guaranteed and extra fees will apply over and above the rental fee.

    When booking a rain venue please provide your Conference Service Manager the location of your outside wedding ceremony and the time of the ceremony. If your rain venue is in the same room as the wedding celebration, we require a minimum of 2 hours to change the room set up. For example if your wedding ceremony will be held at 2:00pm and your wedding celebration is to start at 5:00pm we will require all guests to be out of the room by 3:00pm.

    Head Table and Stage

    Raised head tables are only possible in the Ballroom (Castle / Assiniboine / Summit). It is not possible to have a stage for both the band & the head table. A stage, if needed is available and will be skirted in green or black. We have a choice of green, white or black skirting for head tables.

    Room Set Up

    A minimum of $250.00 + GST charge will be applied should you change the room set up within 24 hours of the event.

    Tables sizes

    Guest Tables:

    • Round tables of 8: 60"/ 5ft
    • Round tables of 9: 60"/ 5ft
    • Round tables of 10: 66"/ 6ft (these tables are limited - ask your Conference Service Manager if these are available)

    We will provide white or black table cloths and white or black napkins. These table cloths are square and do not reach the floor.

    Item Table Sizes:

    • Gift Table: 6ft x 2.6ft
    • Guest Book Table: 8ft x 2.6ft
    • Cake Table: Round of 8: 60"/ 5ft or 8ft x 2.6ft
    • Ticket Table: 6ft x 2.6ft
    • DJ Table: 6ft or 8ft

    We have black or green skirting for the above tables


    Additional Charges which may be applied:

    • A $40.00 + GST charge per damaged table cloths will be applied to the Master Account. Damaged table cloths are defined as being spoiled with wax, written on, cut, and/ or having been subjected to other forms of mistreatment.

    Decoration Policies

    Access to the room - If there are no functions in your wedding room the evening before, our catering staff may set up your room for it to be ready first thing in the morning of your wedding day. Early morning availability can only be determined one week prior to the event.

    Room to be vacated at 2:00am and the wedding party is responsible for the removal of all decorations, gifts and other personal belongings after the completion of the function.

    Decorations which are not allowed:

    • Confetti, rice, or flower petals
    • Drip Candles with inappropriate candle holders
    • Smoke machines
    • Bubble machines
    • Hanging banners using pins, nails, duct tape...
    • Feather Boas
    • Popcorn

    Decorations which are allowed:

    • Dripless candles with appropriate candle holders (tea lights, votive or pillar with bases)
    • Twinkle lights around our artificial trees
    • Flowers

    If these items are used, an extra cleaning charge ($150 minimum) will be applied to your final invoice.

    If you are unsure of whether or not certain items may be or may not be allowed please ask your Conference Service Manager.

    Center Pieces

    Center pieces are to be provided and set up by the wedding party. Wedding party flowers may be stored at the Banff Park Lodge. Please inform your Conference Service Manager of the date and an approximate time when the flowers will be delivered.

    Party Favors

    Party Favors are to be provided and set up by the wedding party.

    Chair Covers

    Chair covers are to be provided by the wedding party or a third party organized by the wedding party. Chair covers are the responsibility of the chair cover provider. If chair covers are required for both the wedding ceremony and the wedding celebration it is the responsibility of the wedding party to move the chairs from one room to another.

    Outside Linens & Overlays

    Linens & table overlays provided by the wedding party or third party must be delivered by 11am on the morning before the wedding date or when required by our Catering Manager.

    If you are unable to provide these when required, please advise your Conference Service Manager the time and date you can provide the linens. Your Conference Service Manager will confirm with the Catering Manager if the timing allows the catering staff with enough time for setup.

    Hospitality Suite

    If you wish to organize a "hospitality suite" prior to the wedding day or after the wedding day please ask your Conference Service Manager for availability. You may provide your own alcohol in a hospitality suite. A room rental charge and a corkage fee of $4.00 per person will be applied. This includes glasses and ice.

    A proof of purchase and liquor license will be required. If you are providing your own liquor for the wedding celebration, please ask your Conference Service Manager to include both days to obtain your two day liquor license. This way the liquor store will only charge you for the one liquor license. Corkscrews are available on a complimentary basis from your Catering Manager, however a lost or missing corkscrew fee of $10.00 + GST will be applied to your Master Account if not returned. No outside food will be permitted in a hospitality suite. Hospitality suite must be vacated at 2:00am. Noise levels must be controlled after 11:00pm.

    Portable Sound System

    Our portable sound system may be rented for $ 100.00 plus GST and is required for the Glacier Salon, Lynx Salon or the Black Bear room. Often weddings will use the DJ's portable sound system and microphone. Please check with your DJ prior to renting our system.

    All music, whether provided by a DJ or by a band, must stop at 1:00 am.

    SOCAN Charge

    All live or recorded entertainment is subject to a SOCAN charge (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) which is automatically applied to your master account. This charge is determined by room type, room size and whether or not there will be dancing. This charge can be found on our website Here

    Re:Sound Charge

    All live or recorded entertainment is subject to a Re:sound charge which is automatically applied to function invoices. Re:Sound licenses recorded music for public performance, broadcast and new media. This charge can be found on our website Here