Our people are the heart
and soul of what we do.

Our staff’s commitment to our guests starts with our commitment to them.

We firmly believe that by providing our employees with an exceptional work experience, that they will in turn provide our guests with a similar level of courtesy, respect and enthusiastic service.

If you’d like to work for a company composed of outgoing, thoughtful people from all over both Canada and the world, come join our team!

Affordable and comfortable housing

Clean and safe accommodations

Training and development

Staff programs

Growth opportunities

Flexible vacations

Employment opportunities at Peaks and Bow View


Our promise to you

We are committed to creating a workplace that is clean, comfortable and safe for all of our employees.

A truly world class place to work!

Our staff at Banff Park Lodge are truly an international all-star team! Join our team and create a lifetime’s worth of experiences and memories in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

We provide opportunities for professional development and growth.

We believe in a culture of teamwork.

We strive to attract employees who pursue a better work-life balance.

We hire for personality to engage our guests and provide memorable experiences.

Banff Park Lodge values


Banff Park Lodge and our collection of hotels employs more than 150 employees. The values we choose to live by include many things, with respect for our guests, employees, social and physical environment governing all that we do.


We focus on one-on-one communication across all levels of our organization, focusing on direct communication. As a new employee to the Banff Park Lodge you can expect coaching throughout your onboarding and a complete performance review at the completion of your 3-month probationary period.


Our aim is to provide work/life services and programs to employees and their families which promote health and well-being of the family and increase the employee's capacity to resolve personal and family issues.


We strive to provide good service and quality products to satisfy our customers. This includes personalized, consistent service throughout our operations teams along with fresh, delicious offerings in our dining outlets. Our guests expect distinctive surroundings with quiet, clean and comfortable rooms where they can get a good night's sleep.