A Celebration of
Women and Wine
at La Terrazza

Celebrate the influence and innovation of women in the winemaking industry with a five-course feast that sings in harmony with each pour.

Grapes & Gratitude: Honoring Female Winemakers

Step into “Grapes & Gratitude” at La Terrazza—an exuberant salute to the visionary women of winemaking. Anticipate an evening brimming with discovery, where each course unfolds the rich, untold stories of the vintners in a symphony of taste.

Our showcase is the chic Invivo X, SJP, a star-studded creation by Sarah Jessica Parker that dances between boldness and elegance—much like the evening ahead. 

Prepare for a night where Italian culinary flair meets the finest wines, where laughter mingles with the clinking of glasses, and where every moment is a tribute to the women who have crafted them. This isn’t just an event; it’s an experience not to be missed.

Dinner & Accommodation Package

Transform your attendance into an exquisite getaway at Banff Park Lodge. Pair the evening’s festivities with the comfort of our rooms and the promise of waking up to serene views. Delight in convenience and luxury with this exclusive package.

Culinary Journey of the Evening

Embark on an unforgettable journey at ‘Women in Wine,’ where each moment is designed to delight and surprise. From our welcoming reception to the final toast, experience an evening meticulously crafted to celebrate the achievements of women in the winemaking industry.

Reception: A Spirited Welcome (6:30 PM): Our reception is more than just a beginning; it’s a vibrant celebration in its own right. Designed for lively mingling and laughter, guests will be greeted with exquisite appetizers and the chance to toast to new friendships. This initial gathering sets the tone for the night—a testament to joy and the communal spirit of wine lovers.

Dinner: A Symphony of Flavors (7:00 PM): As we transition to dinner, prepare to be taken on a curated culinary voyage. Each course is a testament to the harmony between exquisite food and fine wine, with selections specially chosen to complement the flavors on your plate. Our menu, paired with wines from leading female vintners, promises not just a meal but an exploration of taste, craft, and the stories behind the labels. It’s an immersive program of tastes and tales, celebrating the intersection of culinary art and winemaking mastery.